Saturday, August 05, 2017

SanFrancisco: ImagiKnit

A few weeks ago, Salvbard and I were in SanFrancisco, which meant an opportunity to visit ImagiKnit. I had heard a lot about this shop, and so it was very exciting to have the chance to visit.

Inside it was beautiful and incredibly efficiently laid out:

The staff were amazingly kind and helpful, I went away with two DK Lucy Cowl kits with Lux Adorna Knits Fun Size Bundles DK in "Love Wins" (bottom) and "Cat Lady" (top).

In other news, I may have made faces about the name of the top kit, which is in the colors of the asexuality flag. On the one hand, I was super excited to find these kits in alt sexuality flag colors, since they do not seem to be well known on the internet. Yay San Francisco for your support. On the other hand, seriously? Aren't things hard enough that we need to stigmatize each other? Much love and patience to my asexual folk.

Still, I am excited about the yarn, and it was a lovely shop to visit. I am very glad we went. I look forward to finding just the right thing to knit these into.

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