Tuesday, October 02, 2018

Peony Hat

Sometimes it is easier to figure out what to knit based on what I have rather than all the options possible. So I dug around in the leftovers box to see what inspired me.

Yarn: Loops & Threads Barcelona in the color Peony
Yarn Supplier: Lisaster's stash
Needles: US 8 / 5.0 mm

This yarn was actually left over from one of Lisaster's early projects, and this project used just about the rest of it up. Success! I don't have a plan otherwise for this hat, so I guess it will just go in the bin of outerwear we have out for general use.

Sunday, September 30, 2018

Locusts Socks - take two

Recently I got back a pair of socks that I had knit in 2009, which had developed a hole right where the cuff met the top stockinette section. Weird failure-mode, but after 9 years of service, I can't complain too much.

I put in a lifeline, snipped and seperated the intact bottoms from the cuffs. I lost a little more yarn on the sock with the hole, so I worked on that one first to knit the leg a little longer before adding a new cuff in a contrast yarn. For the second sock I will do the same, but match the length of the first sock.

This yarn is fairly fine, and I had needed to knit it on size 0s originally. I think they still have some wear in them though. The colors have lost a lot of their brightness, but settled into a nice sort of forest drab.

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Saturday, September 29, 2018

Orange Socks

I finished the pair of socks I had started in the woods and knit on a small piece of the Appalachian Trail. Good thing too, as the weather has just started to turn cooler, and Diamondsoled could use another pair of socks.

Yarn: Shepherd Baby Wool 4 Ply
Yarn Supplier: Knittin' Kitten in Cambridge, MA
Needles: US 1 / 2.25mm
Pattern: cuff down, 2X2 rib, stockinette, slip stitch heel flap heel, wedge toe

Since Diamondsoled had been a really good sock recipient (not only does she wear her other hand knit socks regularly and care for them correctly, she also noticed someone else's handknits had developed a small hole and delivered them to me for repair), she was on the short list for another pair.

So we visited my stash, and she picked out some yarn. And man, did she ever pick some deep stash. My now sophomore in college offspring was in elementary school when I bought this yarn...

I am not sure if it is due to the age of the yarn, the yarn line itself, or storage conditions at some point, but one of the balls of yarn had a lot of weak spots around the outer part of the ball. Pulling from the center was enough to solve the problem, and I just didn't use that most outer part. Annoying though!

Otherwise, I am pleased with these. They are not particularly interesting, between the solid color and the stockinette, but that is exactly what the recipient wanted for socks to be worn to work. So success!

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Thursday, September 27, 2018

Bulky Teal Beanie

The last thing in the old to-blog pile was this super cute bulky cabled hat.

Yarn: bulky merino yarn in color DR-36
Yarn Supplier: Reyen Design Studios
Needles: US 10.5 / 6.5 mm
Pattern: Close cables hat / Tett i flett-lue by Anna & Heidi Pickles

I bought this yarn in January 2014 at an event. The dyer usually dyes silk and hand felted items. They still sell silk yarn, but this bulky merino seems to have been an experiment.

The color is fabulous, the wool a little sheepy, and this bled like crazy on my hands and needles. If I had realized before hand, I would have pre-soaked it in a citric acid solution. Having said that, since it was a first attempt, I don't necessarily think Reyen's Design Studios would still have this problem, as their other wool and silk designs don't have this problem. It seemed like an early learning curve thing.

Sunday, August 05, 2018

Chasing Waterfalls

This weekend Majes and I went hiking on the north side of the White Mountains. Between the earlier heavy rains still pouring off the mountain and the terrain itself, this was definitely a push to get in just the couple of miles to where we would camp.  And also, I am so very grateful for opportunities like this.

I even spared a few ounces of pack weight for my current pair of socks in progress. Their intended recipient will appreciate their brief visit to the AT.

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Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Pretty Pink Silk Socks

Also in my to-be blogged pile is this pair of pretty pink socks.

Yarn: Regia Silk 4-f├Ądig (Uni / Solid) in colorway 035
Yarn Supplier: Windsor Button (out of business)
Needles: US 1 / 2.25 mm
Pattern: Girl's Anklet Socks by Mary Saunders
Pattern Source: Vogue Knitting on the Go: Socks Two

Modifications: I knit this as written for the girl's medium and then didn't decrease, so that this was an adult small sized sock. Having said that, I would not recommend it, as the cuff really needed the extra stitches relative to the body of the sock to be stretchy. It barely fits over the arch of my foot, although it fits fine once it is on.

Fortunately, I know someone who could use an extra pair of socks, and they fit!

Tuesday, July 03, 2018

Cool waters hat

There is nothing like a heat wave to make you pick up your knitting... or something.

Needles: US 8 / 5.0 mm
Yarn: some of Jasra's leftovers stash
Pattern: made up to fit my head

It has been a while since I have had the urge to knit, so I decided to take advantage of it while it lasted. Jasra kindly let me raid her stash of leftovers, and I found a pretty variegated yarn that feels like merino. Eyeballing it, it looked like just enough yarn for a little hat for me, and with my shorter hair that seemed potentially useful, if not in this heat.

It was a little bit of a game of yarn chicken, but I am really pleased with the results. Plus it was nice to revisit with my knitting mojo.