Friday, October 31, 2014

Teal Pumpkin Project

I have one last Halloween project to finish up by this evening.

Are you aware of the teal pumpkin project? Our family has always been big in making sure there were options for kids with food allergies, but this is our first year with a teal pumpkin to advertise.

Wednesday, October 08, 2014

Atlas Moth

This week's Illustration Friday prompt is silence, which was particularly appropriate as I had reason to work on doing an atlas moth piece.

moths, silence - it is a thing
Medium: colored pencil on white card stock

I have not really done all that much with color, and I really felt that inexperience working on this piece. Colored pencil is super accessible though. I love how you can build up the color and dimensionality as you work.

In other news, I recently joined Ello and am carefully experimenting with posting there still. If you are interested in friending me there drop me a line, so that I will have context for who you are.


Tuesday, October 07, 2014

Glass Jewlery

I am going to be spending the next few weeks mixing in some catch up posts among the more recent things I have been working on. One of the crafty adventures that my household went on a while back was making glass jewelry at Luke Adams Glass Blowing Studio. Salvbard and I had actually done one of their glass blowing classes previously, and Majes and Lisaster were up for joining us at this one.

There may have been some loving making-fun of me for how fussy I was about color.

But there were lots of really beautiful pieces to dig through.

And clearly this process could only be made better with wine. As Salvbard would say, "What could possibly go wrong?" Seriously though, the staff were fantastic and happy to give you as little or as much assistance as you would like.

We did the glass selection, cutting, and (light) glueing down of pieces. Then the staff would later take them to be fired all at once.

I love the final result, and I have been rotating it into my wardrobe since we got them back. I would really recommend that studio both for the finished product as well as the experience. It was lots of fun!


Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Lisaster birthday socks

I had mentioned previously that I had some vacation knitting fail. We did stop at a Michael's in hopes of finding more yarn, but unfortunately they did not carry it. The silver lining was that I picked up yarn and started knitting a very special pair of birthday socks instead.

Lisaster was about to have a round number birthday, and I realized that this was the perfect opportunity to do something special for one of the women closest to my heart. Normally I stick with stockinette socks, but for this, I went with 2X2 cabled ribs with offset cable turns every other cable. These were knit cuff down with a heel flap heel and wedge toe.

These were a little late in delivery, but a very happy birthday Lisaster! Clearly your birthday is totally a summer date, despite when you received these in hand. Also thank you again for immediately thinking to document their use.

Yarn: Loops & Thread Woolike
Yarn Supplier: Michael's
Needles: US 1 / 2.25mm

The ball is very generous, and I  definitely have enough to make a full sized pair of socks.

This is a new yarn to me, and I was a little nervous about its fiber content for socks. Specifically it is an acrylic and nylon yarn, but true to its  name, it is very wool-like. It has some spring to it, and it is very soft and strong. Due to the nylon content, I think it might hold up reasonably well, but I was nervous about the socks being slouchy. The cabled rib does a good job adding a little extra stretch though.

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Thursday, August 28, 2014

Now For Something Different

One of our big crafty efforts around Casa de Omly is a bit different than usual. Our outdoor furniture was looking pretty shabby after only one year outside, so we decided to sand down the splintered and peeling surface and then reseal and stain.

In this action shot, you can see how unevenly weathered the top looked. Also, Salvbard is totally rocking the eye protection.

In addition to the benches, we also have a table that soon looked very naked.

Even the first coat of stain brought it about back to its like-new color.

After two, the results were fairly dramatic.

We aren't quite done, as everything needs to be flipped over and the bottom resealed as well.

Overall though, I am very excited about this project. We will have to take advantage of the last of the warm evenings to be out and enjoying them. Got any good food or drink suggestions for a warm autumn evening?

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Vacation Sock Knitting Fail

I was all proud of myself for making sure that the knitting project I brought on vacation was one that had not received a lot of love recently. This is a pair of socks I am knitting from salvbard in a colorway I am not particularly fond of in a yarn I don't even remember (other than we got it at Michael's).

So of course I would run out no where near the toe. Sigh. We tried a Michael's in NJ, but no luck. So clearly I bought new yarn since I didn't bring an extra project with me. Now that we are home we can check again for the colorway, but I suspect that something close to coordinating is the best that is going to happen at this point.

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Monday, August 11, 2014

King of the Beach

Last week I went on a mini-adventure to Pleasure Bay and Castle Island, just a short distance by bus from downtown Boston. I grew up by the ocean, so this really felt like a find, because it was so close and accessible by public transport.

I sat by the water with my feet on the damp sand, letting the tide come in around me as I sketched. There were several after school programs that I had brought their classes in addition to numerous families and individuals.

I did some sketching on index cards. Nothing fancy, but it was good to take the time to slow down. Visiting the ocean is good for that in general as well.

cardstock and sharpie pen

There was one teacher in particular who struck me as king of the beach, leader of all he surveyed. Most of the other teachers were sitting higher up, at the edge of the beach in the shade, but this one was right among his charges by the water. Originally I was just going to draw the landscape without people, but after I was added him, several of the kids soon happened as well.

One of the groups of kids were very interested in what I was doing. Their teachers were nervous that they were harassing me, but they were really fun to interact with. Next thing I knew, I had an impromptu art class sitting around me to whom I handed out index cards and pens/pencils.

I really like the idea of these small pieces of art, because they are achievable and portable. I don't really want to have them hanging around the house though, so I would prefer to give them away. This card is already gifted, but if you would be interested in a future random small piece of art as a postcard, go fill out my postcard form. There are no promises about future topics, media, or frequency, but this is a great opportunity to get fun mail!

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