Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Thankful Tree

Holy crow, but the combination of this semester and a whole lot of life are kicking my butt. I have been thinking you, dear blog, often despite my waywardness when it comes to actually sitting down to write. The good news is that I have finally started to have a lot of creative thoughts and ideas again. The bad news is that I have not actually had any time to pursue them.

Insert one crafty-project that I am really glad that I was able to make time for. We celebrated Thanksgiving with friends, and a few days before hand I was just completely taken with the idea of this project.

The host Majes was kind enough to go out hiking that morning and provide the branches. Chiquita and Jasra, one of the hostesses, prepped the tags with materials I provided. Everyone there provided thoughts and brief messages on the tags of what they were thankful for. Truly we are blessed to have such a full tree and blessed to have in our lives all the people who went into making it happen.