Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Pennsic Planning

Recently during my radio silence, Salvbard helped me get started with some sewing for Pennsic. I really wanted to make a viking apron dress and kirtle, but some parts are much easier with help. So he helped me retake my measurements and sat with me while I figured out the math.

Once that was done we could draw the pieces on graph paper. (We use this site for the graph paper as you can customize it and then print at home.) The nice thing about doing that fir is that you can try different layouts for cutting the fabric, since it is really important not to be cutting on the bias. This also really helps my brain figure out how all the pieces work together.

I used this pattern (pdf) for the kirtle. And after looking at many different apron dress patterns, I finally decided on the one found on page 13 of this pdf. And the construction of the straps I took from discussion on this webpage about what the period treatment of this likely was.

The fabric is finishing going through the wash now, but hopefully I will be able to get started cutting out pieces soon.