Sunday, November 30, 2014

Miles of Rainbow Garter Stitch

These days I feel like my brain is falling right out of my head. So I have been knitting a great deal of garter stitch recently, ultimately it will be a blanket amount. It is just about the right speed for me these days. Cast on, knit for 200 garter ridges (which is almost exactly one skein).

Bernat Mosaic has some really lovely color graduations, so that is very entertaining. To preserve the gradual color change and prevent muddiness, I am knitting this at only a few inches wide. Then the strips will be seamed together with neutral colored borders between them.

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Sunday, November 23, 2014

Blue Hat

A while ago, my community began to rally when a member was diagnosed with breast cancer. As a story, it is perhaps unremarkable, but there is something powerful whenever you get a chance to see a community come together like that. At the time I did not know E very well, but she has many ties to people who are my chosen-family.

So I joined the knitting campaign to provide her with soft, beautiful hats for her chemo. Since then I have gotten to know her more, and she is a really strong, beautiful person. I hope that this hat served her well both then and continues to do so in the future.

Yarn: Reynolds Odyssey in colors 409 and 410
Yarn Suppliers: Windsor Button (closed) the Wool Basket (closed)
Needles: US 9 / 5.5 mm

I didn't use a pattern, as this was just a quick, simple hat.

The yarn I chose was something special. Odyssey is one of my favorite yarns for color interest, softness, and nice ply-structure, and both of these balls were from closed yarn stores I had been fond of. The ball of blue was unused, but the teal was from both the blue spiral hat and a DNA hat that I made for my sister, both well loved hats.

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