Monday, May 23, 2011

Red Gauge Square

It seems that all of a sudden there are a ton of babies on the way among my friends. It is funny how those sorts of things go in waves. So I have been working on a baby sweater in red, in honor of Project Spectrum, and since red is a fantastic gender neutral color.

Look I did a gauge swatch and everything!

Fortunately I am fairly well along on this project, but I am still a bit dubious about whether I will able to eke out the finish before the end of the month. Any one feel like taking odds?

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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Project Spectrum - May 2011

I didn't manage to post early in the month, but I was really excited when Lolly announced Project Spectrum 5. I have found it really inspiring every year that I have participated. May is all about the color red, so I did a quick rummage through the stash and found a bunch of red to work with.

I wish that it looked like I was going to get through more of that pile, but I am so happy with my other major project this month, which coincidently is themed in red and black. Two of the people closest to me in my life are getting married in a week. So many details, so little time, but so much love to them both.


Saturday, May 07, 2011

Darn it!

So I mentioned the pair of resoleable socks that I had made with the yarn that was also made into the last pair of leftover socks. I had thought the idea of socks that were completely resoleable was fantastic, a new way of having handknit socks a little longer. And then after only a few wearings, I noticed this:

Apparently the universe was laughing at me. But I did darn it as best I could this week.

Not perfect, but hey, either way this rescues it from the mending bag which it has been resting... for a few years.

Don't they look cute together?


Tuesday, May 03, 2011

More Leftover Socks?

Some might notice that the last few pairs of socks have been knit from leftovers. This pair is no exception. I recently reorganized my sock yarn bin, only to discover that it actually closes well these days. Progress! So my next goal is to get the bag of leftover sock yarn to fit well in that bin too. And fewer sock leftovers is one way to make that happen.

Yarn: Wisdom Yarns Marathon Socks-Boston (discont'd) & Jawoll Solid Superwash
Needles: US 1 / 2.5mm

I also used this sock yarn combination for a pair of resole-able socks. (More discussion on those later.) If you read the last two posts, I am sure you won't be surprised by the sock recipe: toe-up, figure 8 cast-on, short row heel. We have been getting to the end of the semester, so I have not have had much brain for anything more complicated.

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