Monday, May 23, 2011

Red Gauge Square

It seems that all of a sudden there are a ton of babies on the way among my friends. It is funny how those sorts of things go in waves. So I have been working on a baby sweater in red, in honor of Project Spectrum, and since red is a fantastic gender neutral color.

Look I did a gauge swatch and everything!

Fortunately I am fairly well along on this project, but I am still a bit dubious about whether I will able to eke out the finish before the end of the month. Any one feel like taking odds?

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

So weird that you posted this because two different people announced that they were either trying or possibly pregnant to me I have another little nephew on the way. It does seem like they come in waves. I just made a fruit hat for the nephew. :)

25/5/11 6:16 PM  

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