Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Shetland Lace Shrug

Continuing with the trend of knitting sock yarn, I finished a cute shrug that is perfect for the amazingly temperate weather we have been having in New England. I finished it weeks ago, but due to an absurd amount of day-to-day crazy I have not had time to document the FO. And apparently I look terribly serious, but actually this was a very fun knit.

Pattern: Shetland Shorty by Gudrun Johnston
Size: XS
Pattern Source: Knitty Summer '08
Yarn: Mind's Eye Yarns Merino/Tencel
Yarn Source: Mind's Eye Yarns
Needles: US Size 4 & 5 / 3.5 & 3.75 mm
Mods: ties made according to size small directions

I was worried that I would run out of yarn since the extra small calls for 490 yards, and the Mind's Eye Yarns Merino/Tencel claims that it is only 400 yards per skein. Otherwise I might have opted to knit the small instead of the extra small. I suspect the put-up may be fairly conservative though, since I finished the shrug with the ties made in the next size up with yarn to spare.

The yarn choice was perfect for this design. The stitch has a lot of texture to it, and the shine of the tencel in it really highlights. Lucy's near solids are great for busier patterns like this. It has enough variation in it to have just a little bit of visual interest, without striking you as being variegated at all.

I love this sort of layering piece, but for some reason have not knit that many. I might have to watch out though, Chiquita keeps making pointed noises that she really likes how it came out as well.



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