Friday, February 04, 2011

Sunny Skies Handspun

Here at casa de omly, I have been trying to get back into a bit of spinning. To that end, I moved the spinning wheel to the living room, which has been great. It also meant that it was time to post an old finished spinning project.

This was some fabulous drum carded merino from Mind's Eye Yarns. Since I am always a little surprised by how the roving goes to finished yarn, I even remembered to take a "before" picture for contrast. Isn't it pretty?

I wasn't sure how the little bits of yellow would work out in the finished yarn, but I don't think it worked out poorly. (Click the picture to see it more up close.) The colors make me think of sunny skies, something we have not had nearly enough of recently in the Boston area.

Yardage: ~360 yards
WPI: 11 wraps per inch (DK weight)

The 3 finished skeins are super lofty. It is lovely and soft, but it is the sort of yarn that I wouldn't use for anything that would get a lot of wear. They might make a nice scarf though. Any recommendations of scarf patterns that are fabulous for handspun out there?



Anonymous Robbyn said...

Hi Omly - so glad to see you back!

The pattern that occurs to me off the top of my head is the Harlot's <a href="<i>One Row Handspun Scarf</i></a>.

It's easy, terrific for variegated yarns and produces a nicely textured, slightly "ribby" fabric. I've used it many times myself.

Stay warm, kiddo :)

5/2/11 10:35 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Strangely, that Yarn Harlot scarf popped into my mind to. My SIL made it not long ago and it looked fun to knit...and relaxing.
After a lull I have been spinning a lot too. I have started the sampler sweater that I have been saving fiber for so long. So far it is lots of fun. I am in love with the Border Leicester/Romney mix I have on the wheel right now. :)
Hope you are doing well this weekend...there is some miserable black ice out there right now.

5/2/11 7:43 PM  

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