Saturday, June 19, 2010

Flower Headband

I am always on the lookout for fun projects to make with the little bit of leftover yarn from a project.

Flower Pattern: Crochet Picot Flower by Julie Armstrong Holetz
Yarn: Rowan 4 Ply Cotton in color 129, Aegean
Yarn Supplier: Wild and Wooly in Lexington, MA
Needles: US 2 / 2.75 mm
Hook: 3.0 mm

In this case, I had some fingering weight cotton left over from the Betty Lou lace cardigan, so I made a cute little flowered headband. It is super simple, just a 3 stitch i-cord and little crocheted flower sewn on.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

That is a really nice just says "summer" so clearly. :)

I have a headband like that. It was one of the first things that I knit/crocheted: a knitted band about 10 stitches wide with a crocheted loop flower on it. I made a few actually, but only two survived.

It would be a great project for small bits of homespun yarn as well.


19/6/10 6:38 PM  

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