Monday, May 24, 2010

Two Fleecy Brim Hats

Wow, so years ago now, the Boston Yarn Party group on Ravelry had a yarn swap in Somerville. It was loads of fun and was a great idea. One of the yarns that I took home in decent quantity was several colors of Knit One Crochet Too Fleece. Have any of you heard of this yarn? I hadn't, but it is very fleecy and nice in the skein. After a failed attempt and knitting with it, I found that it makes a much nicer fabric when crocheted.

Then, one of my Ravelry groups had a hat challenge, to make as many hats as possible in 24 hours. (So you will see the results over the next little while.) Here are two made from the fleecy yarn I got from the Somerville yarn swap.

After the first one, Chiquita announced she one just like it, but slightly bigger and in blue instead. Done!

Pattern: Beanie Brim Cap by Hannah Levine (a free Rav download)
Yarn: Knit One Crochet Too Fleece
Hook: 6.0 mm (J)

The pink version, I crocheted as directed. Given the fact I have some tension issues, this one turned out a bit smaller than the average adult head. Even on me (who has a small head), it was pretty snug. So when Chiquita requested a blue one that was bigger, I just did an extra set of increase rounds before working straight. Also the brim of the pink one was worked with no 2dcs in the brim, while the blue one does.

Super cute pattern! The pattern is really good, and the pattern sheet itself even looks really professional. The only minor complaint I had was that I would have liked a suggestion about where to put the 2dcs in the brim beyond 'to shape to your preference' (not a direct quote). The nice thing about crochet is that it really is that it is really easy to play around with different shaping options for something like this though. If I were to make this again, I might chose a less textured yarn to see the seam details better.



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Love those yarn swaps! Great hats.

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