Thursday, May 06, 2010

Gore Place

This past weekend we did not head off to the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival unlike many of my knit blogger friends. The weekend before that though, Salvbard and I spent some time together wandering around the Sheep Shearing Festival at Gore Place.

Salvbard took lots of cute animal pictures for me. There were alpacas:

And baby lambs:

So cute!

And tiny baby goats:

We avoided any stash enhancement, although I had been thinking of picking up some locks to play with spinning. I was super happy to see Lucy of Minds Eye yarns (and associated etsy store). It has been far too long! I was hoping to pick up the latest Vogue Knitting Magazine. I guess the fact that they had run out is just a good excuse to stop by and visit sometime soon.


Blogger Carolyn said...

I am sorry we missed seeing you. We were there very early. What a beautiful day. We adore Gore Place. I love to watch Kevin Ford shearing even though I did not drag home a fleece this year. Those miniature goats were amazingly cute.

7/5/10 7:00 PM  

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