Friday, March 19, 2010

Manly Grey Socks - Fixed

Back in January 2007 I finished a pair of manly grey socks for Salvbard out of some Trekking XXL. This was my earlier attempts at socks, which were mostly focused on making them toe-up to make them as long as possible. This led to a problem though once Salvbard finally developed a hole on them this fall, however.

So the repair job on this pair was less than perfect. I found some other grey yarn in my spare sock yarn bag that was good enough for something that was just going to be hidden in a boot anyways.

Due to the location of the replacement I ended up ripping out the whole toe and then knitting it in the reverse direction than it had been done in originally, as a wedge toe.

Still, these socks took an amazing 20 months of use before developing a hole! And this is a pair that he loves and wears all the time. They have some felting along the bottom, but they look in great shape other than the toe that needed replacing. Trekking XXL gets two thumbs up for both pleasure of knitting and for excellent wear.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Based on your recommendation, I MAY have just gone and bought a bunch of Trekking form WEBS. Never mind that I have literally miles of sock yarn already. Oh no. I had to have TREKKING.

Apparently I am very susceptible to suggestion today!

20/3/10 3:51 AM  

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