Monday, March 01, 2010

A Third of a Shawl

It got quiet around here with the end of February kicking my butt, but there is still stuff going on. Yesterday I finished the first third of my shawl. Like all unblocked lace, it doesn't look like much.

Despite all the stitch markers making this look fairly complicated, it is moving along well now that I have another copy of the pattern.

Oh wait, did I mention that? Seems not. Well after Arisia, my copy of the pattern went missing. I waited over a month before deciding I had to replace it, which meant ordering another hardcopy from Canada (the only source). It eventually arrived, despite the pokey-ness of the Canadian post. Of course then over this weekend a friend announced that she had had it at her house since then and just hadn't thought to mention it. Gah!

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