Thursday, February 11, 2010

Mermaid Bowl

This year at Arisia, I did something that was a first for me. Every year I really try to get up to the Arisia Art Show and see all the incredible things the artists have created, but this year was particularly amazing. There was so many things that appealed to me. Also the Artist Guest of Honor was Sarah Clemens, whose paintings are really incredible. (Go look if you have never seen her work before.)

But back the to the thing that I had never done before. I bought something at the Art Show. No, it wasn't a painting. It was this:

The artist, Anna Borodovsky, does not appear to have a website, but there is a picture of her work in this blog post on her partner's blog. The stencil is very nice, but more so I really love how it harmonizes with the lines of the colors and texture of the swirl at the bottom. I am afraid I washed out the amazing depth of the cobalt blue in this picture in order to make sure that you could see it clearly in the photo.

Love! I am afraid I am a little too fond of this piece to let it go into circulation as dishware. Yes I know it could take it, but it gives me great joy every time I walk past my dresser and is useful for holding elastics and other assorted items that float around my dresser.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Omly,

I came across your post very randomly. This is Anna, the potter who made your bowl. It was fun to find out that you are enjoying it (if you still have it)! Arisia 2010 was the one and only time i tried selling my work though i still do it.



7/2/12 4:55 PM  
Blogger omly said...

I do indeed still have it. It still lives happily on my dresser, and I get to see it every day.

7/2/12 5:08 PM  

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