Monday, January 25, 2010

The Mending Bag

Like many crafty people I know, I have a mending pile. It is filled with items with small tears and rips, items to be be hemmed, and other assorted things that I am convinced that I could fix... That is if anything ever came out of the black hole which is that pile. You see, the mending bag is really where things go to die.

I did manage to hem a few pairs of pants after we moved, but then again the bag was immediately refilled with a few items from my housemate that I was sure we could save.

One of them was this wrap/hanging that had been left in a window and had been sun damaged. The full length of it had been damaged, though it was signifiantly worse in some areas.

Here you can see the extent of the damage. Side by side we have an undamaged section next to a sun bleached one. Nothing we couldn't solve with careful use of dye right? Fortunately I already had in the craft stash some RIT dye in cornflower blue that looked like it might work.

Well it took 6 months to finally get around to working on it, but now it is done. This was a good start to an attempt this year actually fixing the items that have gone to the mending basket instead of just letting them die. (Heh, the pun was unintentional.) I suppose that means I should go hem some more pants now...



Blogger Carolyn said...

Beautiful! That was totally worth the work of saving it.
You might inspire me to dig in our black hole. I am ashamed to admit that near the bottom are a couple of things that Avellana tore and now all three girls have outgrown. Yikes.

26/1/10 6:44 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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27/1/10 7:26 AM  
Anonymous Robbyn said...

Oh that hanging is just awesome - just look at that cfeltic design!

You did a great job saving it too - it looks fresh and new :)

27/1/10 9:56 AM  

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