Saturday, December 26, 2009

Crazy Man Socks - Fixed

Many weeks ago I mentioned I had some darning to do, and I wanted to get back to recapping socks as I fixed them. This pair was Salvbard's Crazy Man Socks. These were socks that surprised me when I knit them because the rainbow quality wasn't what I expected from the on-line color sample. Not to fear though, the color really didn't keep Salvbard from wearing these in the end.

These lasted 20 months of hard boot use before developing a hole, so slightly longer than the black pair discussed previously. I am not sure if the difference was due to the yarns (roughly similar fiber other than these have 7% PBT, whatever that is), needles used (0s for these, 1s for the other), or just frequency of use (the black ones were slightly preferred). In any case, these held up really well.

The feet of these felted slightly after only a few wearings, but that only made them more warm and durable. All and all, I think Mega Boots Stretch sock yarn really does live up to its name. It does make great hard-wearing boot socks.

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