Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Convertible Mittens - Take Four?

I was looking for the perfect pair of convertible mittens for my housemate. I thought I had found it in this pattern. It has the little fingerlets and flap exactly the way I wanted, but I started getting a little nervous when I started reading the comments on Ravelry.

Many people seemed to mention that even though they had large hands for a woman they had to knit the small size. "That is ok," I thought. "I will just downsize it a little, since these are for a woman with small hands."

After getting through the ribbing, thumb gusset, the thumb and started up the palm, I had to rip out not once but twice. Looking at the photo on the pattern rather than the finished projects on Ravelry, though I noticed something. See how weird and baggy the mitten looks at the beginning at the bottom of the hand after the wrist? Arg, that is exactly the problem I was having problems over coming.

So I thought it was time to break out the Knitter's Handy Book of Patterns and rework the flap on my own from that beginning. Yet I still only managed to get something remotely acceptable on the fourth try, and despite all the same number of stitches, the second mitt is slightly larger in the palm area. Seriously what gives!

Whatever, I am just going with it at this point, since they are wearable. Ok, so now the mitt part is done. I just need to go back and add the flaps.



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