Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Day 3: One Great Knitter

My knitterly pick for this prompt is Amy of Stash Knit Repeat. Some of you may be familiar with her Fit to Flatter series she is doing. (Seriously even if you don't make any kind of adult garments ever, this is worth a read if you are female and at least occasionally wear clothes.)

She is (very) local to me, though we have not met. (I have met her friend Diana, though I knew of Diana first. I randomly met her on a bus when we were both knitting and we exchanged blog info.) I adore both her sense of color and style. Plus, for those of you who are littles-inclined, Amy has two of the most adorable kids on the planet.

She is both an excellent knitter as well as blogger, which makes her lots of fun to read. Some blogs I read because of a sense of community, while others are more for entertainment. Amy not only has a beautiful blog, but her notes on what she has knit are often super helpful. Sometimes they are actually compelling enough all on their own that I might consider something I might not otherwise because of her notes and modification section alone.



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