Sunday, March 30, 2008

Yarn Swap

Yesterday was the Somerville yarn swap, as organized on Ravelry. So much fun!

There was a great turn out, and there was a lot of great stuff in that giant pile of yarn. That wasn't even everything as people continued to trickle in all day.

In addition to yarn, there was lots of wonderful books, patterns, magazines and tools.

Everyone took their money (how cute is that, seriously), which they received for items brought to the swap and spent it on whatever took their fancy. I love the fact that despite the seeming chaos you can see from the grab (as seen below), that everyone remained really kind and considerate of everyone else. Crafters, by and large, seem to tend to be genuinely good people. I didn't see any problems with people trying to cheat the system or being super grabby.

I have to admit I am quite pleased with my results.

I have about the same number of grams I came in with (slightly less) but way less yardage. And while I gave up some stuff I didn't think I would use, I already have tons of ideas for the new things.

Just as good as my yarn haul was my book and pattern haul (missing a copy of "Knit Hats!"). I am particularly excited about the Beatrix Potter book. I don't think that I have the right stuff in my stash right now to knit something from it, but there are several things that I would like to make in there.

What a great day! I told Salvbard that I was feeling a little bit of sensory overload afterwards, but all and all it was great. I didn't get much knitting done though, as I spent most of the morning and afternoon at the swap and was busy helping out, but I have several projects that are almost done that I hope to share with you all soon.


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