Friday, March 14, 2008

Zombie Legs

The first round of this year's Sock madness has begun with Zombie Socks inspired by Lime 'n Violet's Episode 50.

Episode 50 of the Lime N Violet podcast, inspired this pattern. A friend of Miss Lime’s has a 9-year old son. When mom told him that Jesus rose from the dead, the boy concluded that Jesus must be a zombie. The drop stitch pattern in this sock reminds me of a dark misty night where there just might be zombies things lurking about. Or one of Miss Lime’s house ghosts. In fact, you can almost see them through the holes in the pattern produced by the drop stitches.

So on to the socks. The pattern was released at 1 pm yesterday. Here is my progress as of noon today. (I had a elementary school music concert to knit during this morning.) All leg repeats are finished!

I am knitting them 2 at once on magic loop from Trekking XXL in color 78. I like the stitch pattern, but I know that the heel details are going to get lost in this yarn, but Trekking is so much fun to knit that I can't really mind too much.

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