Thursday, May 29, 2008

Pink Sweaters

For some reason I found myself knitting not one, but two pink sweaters. This strikes me as absolutely bizarre. I am not a big fan of pink, even often avoiding it in baby items in favor of other colors. Yet the needles don't lie. 

The first is so very fluffy, but is not my favorite thing to knit.  The color is fairly bright though, and I haven't decided if I should leave this as a vest to lessen the visual impact. I am trying a sleeve now, and I will figure out what I think after a few inches.

The second sweater is just lovely to work on. It is Mind's Eye Yarns DK Merino in Ashes of Roses. The base yarn is nice and springy, but it is the color that great. I can't decide what this colorway reminds me of most. At first I was thinking strawberries, cream and caramel, but now I am thinking more about clouds at sunrise.

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