Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Mitered Baby Hat

This was another hat from the Hat Madness challenge. The major technique people seemed to be employing were to focus on super bulky hats, often crocheted for greater speed. Sometimes I just have to be contrary though, and this is case it expressed itself in a hat knit in sock yarn with 22 ends due to the 10 mitered squares around the edge.

Pattern: Jewel by Sockpixie (free)
Yarn: Patons Kroy sock yarn
Needles: US Size 3s / 3.25 mm

Modifications: I worked the body of the hat in just one yarn since I feared that any more of the bright yellow, misleadingly named 'mellow yellow', might burn out parental and pediatric retinas. Also I worked the deceases differently, mostly out of absentmindedness, since it made sense to me that since there were 10 miters that there would be 10 sets of decreases... I was wrong, but it looks ok. (Please do not mind the wear bump on the left side of the hat in this picture. Apparently I had tugged at it or something before the picture, and didn't notice it looked weird.)

Errata: If you cast on 16 sts for the first miter, and then each subsequent miter had you knit 20 sts miters that would be weird. Take your pick of 16 or 18, but I think you will be happier with just picking one. Given the hat body is done with 90 sts total, I recommend you use 18 per miter.

I have been really wanting to make this pattern since Julie of Knitpickin' made one
Seriously, how awesome is this pattern? AND it is free. AND it is a great way to use leftover bits of sock yarn. That is all win, people. I will definately be making this pattern again.

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