Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Lisaster birthday socks

I had mentioned previously that I had some vacation knitting fail. We did stop at a Michael's in hopes of finding more yarn, but unfortunately they did not carry it. The silver lining was that I picked up yarn and started knitting a very special pair of birthday socks instead.

Lisaster was about to have a round number birthday, and I realized that this was the perfect opportunity to do something special for one of the women closest to my heart. Normally I stick with stockinette socks, but for this, I went with 2X2 cabled ribs with offset cable turns every other cable. These were knit cuff down with a heel flap heel and wedge toe.

These were a little late in delivery, but a very happy birthday Lisaster! Clearly your birthday is totally a summer date, despite when you received these in hand. Also thank you again for immediately thinking to document their use.

Yarn: Loops & Thread Woolike
Yarn Supplier: Michael's
Needles: US 1 / 2.25mm

The ball is very generous, and I  definitely have enough to make a full sized pair of socks.

This is a new yarn to me, and I was a little nervous about its fiber content for socks. Specifically it is an acrylic and nylon yarn, but true to its  name, it is very wool-like. It has some spring to it, and it is very soft and strong. Due to the nylon content, I think it might hold up reasonably well, but I was nervous about the socks being slouchy. The cabled rib does a good job adding a little extra stretch though.

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