Tuesday, June 21, 2016

WIP Stoney mask

This weekend Salvbard and I started a project that combined both of our strengths. I am highly detail oriented and am skilled at handwork. Salvbard has great 3D computer modeling skills. It has been a lovely gift to get that time together; I love what a fabulous team we make.

We started with this pattern: Bio Mask version 2 from Paper Craft Square.

We ended up with 14 pages of pieces, but the software lets you have control over pattern piece layout.

Even by the time that we had cut them out, I was pretty excited to see how it would work. We put them together marked sides inward. Opps! That made everything reversed, but fortunately that was not a problem for our application.

Each piece was creased along the marked vertices, and then we needed the 3D app to figure out how each piece fit with the others. So much folding and creasing! I love the faceted surface texture this produces, which is perfect for what we wanted this for.

Inside you can see the tabs used to glue each of the vertices together. Each edge segment actually had a tab included, so only half were needed. When possible, I tried to alternate which paper piece provided the tab for additional stability and to minimize bias.

So much fun! We need to finish the piecing tonight in order to get the finishing done before this weekend, but I am really looking forward to it.


Saturday, June 18, 2016

Makers Gonna Make

Last year Gather Here; was looking to crowdsource their move to a larger location. Although I have not used them, several friends had great experiences, and I think this sort of space gets to be more and more valuable as local craft stores have struggled to compete with online retailers.

As a thank you for supporting this initiative, I received this adorable project bag, which I have used pretty much non-stop since. Love it!