Sunday, August 10, 2008

Resoleable Socks

Yup, I am still at Terminus, but I take the train home tomorrow. So you can look forward to some discussion of the trip and all the crafty events soon.

I really like the idea of resoleable socks. They are a little more work than working in the round, but the idea of being able to replace the soles is great.
Pattern: Two-Yarn Resoleable Socks by Wayne Pfeffer, adapted by Anne Merrow
Pattern Source: Favorite Socks
Yarn: Wisdom Yarns Marathon Socks-Boston in color 214 and Lang Yarns Jawoll Superwash Solid in color 83.0067

Even though theses are fairly long, I still have a ton of yarn left. This pattern would also be a great way to get knee-highs out of a single 100g ball of sock yarn (with additional coordinating sole yarn).

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