Tuesday, July 22, 2008

As You Like It (Or Not)

I am beginning to think that I may not get to see "As You Like It". Shakespeare on the Commons seems at first glance to be perfect. It is free. It involves getting there early (which I have time to do these days), and several hours of guilt free knitting or crocheting time. And this year it happens to be one of my favorite Shakespeare plays, so chosen for sentimental reasons.

Friday I went with the lovely Pigbook. I brought the first of 2 wedding afghans I need to get done. Fortunately they are washable, as everything was bit damp when I got home. The show was stopped slightly before intermission due to thunderstorms.

Tonight I tried again, as there was talk of Ravelers meeting up to see the show. I never did find the swatch flag making the group, but I did once again get a good seat. This time I was working on a UFO baby sweater. Good thing that it is in superwash, because if anything everything was more wet than on Friday. The show was once again stopped, this time slightly after intermission for severe rain.

I was hoping to see it with Falathwen, but at this point I wonder if I would only be cursing everyone to getting rained out again. It isn't a real trend without at least 3 data points though...

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Blogger pigbook1 said...

yeah, i am annoyed. I want to go again this weekend, but I don't know if the T-storms will ever stop. :-(

23/7/08 8:12 AM  
Blogger Carolyn said...

We still regret being rained out from Midsummer's Night last year.
If it makes you feel better, the girls are so excited to see the play that they willingly gave up performing in one of the circus matinees that day.
Shakespeare rules. ;)

23/7/08 5:33 PM  

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