Tuesday, June 10, 2008

A Surprise Package

I am feeling more than a little overwhelmed with life these last few days. (I have a bunch of stuff I want to share with you guys, but just have not found the time to do it. Soon!) So I was really surprised and touched by a random package I received in the mail this afternoon.

Even the presentation was so thoughtfully done. I knew who had sent it, but had no idea why. I read the note, and I admit I got a bit sniffly. I have been so caught up in thesis stuff, the end of the school year for Chiquita, and some assorted health worries, that this little random kindness took me totally off-guard.

Aren't they beautiful? They were a gift from SunnyNole, who I have been so happy to watch as she taken to knitting as if she was born to it. Only a few months ago she was knitting her first hat and now she is knitting her first socks. Thank you so much! Two of them are already in use on a House Sweater that I had just started yesterday. They are so much prettier than the safety pins I had grabbed from the desk for the same purpose.

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