Tuesday, June 03, 2008


May's theme for the CMP ATC swap was home. We have been really focusing on trying to live more sustainably, so the inspiration for this card was clear. A favorite quote from the Tick kept floating around my head while I worked on this card. (Yes we do try to keep down the amount of "stuff" but it is still a great quotable.)

"You can't destroy the Earth! That's where I keep all my stuff!!"water soluble wax pastels on cardstock

It has been far too long since I used these water soluble pastels. I am so pleased with the results, even if my technique could use a little work.

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Anonymous Robbyn said...


Your little card looks great! I have never heard of water soluble wax pastels, but you can't argue with the results :)

4/6/08 8:42 AM  

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