Wednesday, July 16, 2008

House Sweater

Although I have started a whole bunch of projects, the only one that I have been working on recently is my house sweater. I am hoping to be able to attend Terminus, so that added a bit of a deadline for this project.

It is moving along well though. The body is done. The sleeves are half done, and after I finish them and sew them in, I will need to do the neck. Given that I know the sewing in will take me a little time (both for blocking and for me to fiddle with sewing up the set in sleeve), I will need this time to finish up and to work on the house robes that I am re-drafting.

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Blogger Kismatt said...

I'm so jealous. I live 300 miles from Chicago, and can't go.

All you guys are going to have to post to PFW at least.

The sweater looks great!

16/7/08 6:58 PM  

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