Monday, July 28, 2008

Owl Delivery

My HSKS5 package arrived while I was away for the weekend! Look what arrived all the way from Rebecca in Japan.

See that little owl? I have no idea how he was able to carry everything, but he is resting now in the kitchen. Poor thing looks exhausted. And that is no surprise looking at all of these goodies.

The needles came all the way from Australia on her recent trip there. There was green chai, which I have never tried before and am looking forward to. The Schaeffer Anne yarn, which is in a beautiful tone on tone green, would make lovely cabled socks or a shawl.

And the chopsticks were just too perfect with their green and grey coloring. I have a bit of a chopstick collection, but I think one of these sets may become my purse pair. (I carry reusable flatware on me all the time, so that I don't get stuck using plastic. These chopsticks would even match the rosewood fork and spoon I have from Greenfeet.)

Inside there was not one, but two different sizes of stitch markers, larger owls and smaller toads, but it was the bag itself that knocked me off my feet. Salvbard was a bit startled by the squee. As only a beginning seamstress, the quality of the sewing was so impressive to me. It makes me feel a little bad about the bag I sent her, which was not quite as nice.

Not only is it spacious, but it has these thoughtful pockets inside. The larger one is just the right size for:

this crafting case. It has several pockets just the right size for circular needles or other notions, and the small squares of felt on the front hold stitch markers and sewing pins for easy storage. Everything is so wonderful. Thank you so much Rebecca! I have already had to reconsider what I will pack for next week's road-trip. 

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Blogger Esme said...

How lovely!

29/7/08 3:58 PM  
Blogger Olive Bladvak said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

29/7/08 6:06 PM  
Blogger Bec said...

I'm so glad it arrived! I'm especially glad that the owl made it in one piece!
Heehee...I love that you're a beginning seamstress so that you'll think of my sewing as "quality"! It's one of the few projects I haven't had to completely take apart or call my aunt to fix (hard to do from Japan) due to a silly, avoidable error.
--that was my deleted post above, decided to use my Muggle account!

29/7/08 6:08 PM  

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