Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Ravenclaw Hat

I have been in the mood for making a hat. With all the projects I was working on, none was a mindless knit anymore. Well, okay. That just made it seem like an excellent time to make a hat, since I hadn't done that in a while.

I am afraid, however, I have been the victim of gauge. Looking at the suggested gauge on the Ecco yarn, I cast on for a child's hat. After finishing the turned brim though, it was clear I was getting 5 stitches per inch rather than the 6 I was expecting. Well then, it seemed like an excellent time to try the Rosemary's Turned-Brim hat, which I have been wanting to try.

Pattern: Turned-Brim Hat by Rosemary Waits
Yarn: Berroco Comfort and Zitron Ecco
Suppliers: Webs and the (now defunct) Knitting Room
Needles: US Size 8

Since this hat decided to go its own way gauge wise, it is probably just destined to go in the Christmas box for holiday gifting. I know a Ravenclaw that might like the silver and blue stripy-ness.

I love this hat pattern so much! Even Salvbard greatly admired it and suggested not so subtly that he might like one like this. I think it is the turned-brim that is so appealing. Not only does it give a nice line to the hat, it is also quite stretchy and not binding in the least.

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