Monday, August 04, 2008

FO: House Robes

This is scheduled to auto-post while I am on my way to Chicago for Terminus.

Do you remember when I was working on the lining for my house robes? Well I did indeed finish the outer layer and put everything together. And here is the finished project:
And from the back:
And open:
Pattern: Simplicity 5840 pattern adapted as described here.
Fabric: a black Poplin broadcloth and a random green "special occasion" fabric
Notions: b1ack button, a few inches of black elastic, Slytherin crest patch

Note: The pattern adaption site is down, but you can get some information from the wayback machine capture of that page.

After substantial redrafting this ended up taking about 5.5 yards of the black and 1.5 yards of the green. If I was to make another set of robes for myself though, I think I would have removed some of the fullness. It isn't so bad open, but closed these seem huge!

My only major change from the instructions were to add top stitching to the edges, which I think gives more shape them. Also since my shoulders are a lot narrower than as designed for the pattern I redrafted the yoke to be significantly smaller. And of course being short, I shortened the robes a lot in order to get them to mid-calf. (The originally length was 60"!)

Like in the adapted pattern instructions above I absentmindedly tried seaming the sleeves with their linings by machine. Apparently topology is not my strong suit, because it rather resembled a klein bottle. Not a big deal though, I just took it back apart and then put it back together. I probably should have hand basted the pieces, but I was getting tired at this point. So I pin basted and them hemmed them by machine together. Not perfect, but it is good enough.

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