Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Seed Beads

Having read Fluffy Knitter Deb's Beading Made Easy post (thanks Lynne!), I picked up a US size 11 crochet hook on friday at The Knitting Room to explore incorporating beads into my knitting. Not only do I have no interest in prestringing hundreds of beads, but I like the way the beads seat themselves on the stitch better when done with a crochet hook.

Not having a ton of beading, though, I didn't realize that the seed beads are apparently not the right size. Apparently there is a lot to know about seed beads. I never knew there were so many kinds and sizes of something as modest as seed beads. As to the beads I have, I am unsure if they are Czech or Japanese seed beads (or something else!), but the tube only lists a weight, not a size.

From the articles above I think that I have 11/0 beads but want 6/0. I shall have to stop by Spark Crafts on my way home to see if they have anything more suitable.



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