Thursday, May 24, 2007

Index card book

A while back I Need Orange posted about her idea of having a teeny tiny scrapbook. I loved this idea! Similar to ATCs, this was yet another way to avoid feeling intimidated since it is of such a small size. I do actually like working big, but I find I often do not have the time or space to work as large as I did in college (or even as a kid).

So I stopped by the campus book store, and sure enough they had a very similar thing. The pages are a little too small for collage, so instead I am using mine right now to glue in cut-outs of pictures that I find in magazines or Chiquita's Weekly Reader that I might want to draw later. I had been avoiding doing this in my moleskine because I was too worried about the cut out pictures not being archive safe. Here though, they can all be together, and I don't need to worry about them harming any other work. And due to the ring binding, it can sit completely open to work in, which is really nice.

Additionally I am keeping a list of prompt ideas as suggested a few episodes back of the Creative Mom Podcast. The size of these pages is great for themed prompt ideas or sections of EDM prompts that I didn't do yet.

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