Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Ravenclaw Yarn Arrives

The last few days have been busy with catching up with email and work. One great thing that happened though, is that my sock yarn for the Hogswart Sock Swap arrived. I tried my LYSs, but no one had the sort of thing I was looking for, so I resigned myself to looking online.

Fortunately I hit gold with my first try. I have made a couple orders with kpixie before, and I have to say I am always really pleased with them. Not only do they tend to have very good prices, but since they tend to ship the same day and are so close to me, I often (like this time) get my yarn the very next day. Amazing!

I ordered Louet Gems in French Blue and Sandalwood, since they were suggested by both the Hogwarts Sock Swap and atypicalknit. With the yarn in hand though, I sort of wish I had gone with Ginger rather than Sandalwood. Oh well, you live and learn I guess.
This is my progress so far. I am working my own favorite toe-up style (which I might discuss more in another post) with the Sandalwood for the toes and heels. I haven't decided on the heel style quite yet. A short row heel looks good in a contrasting color, but I am also quite fond of a peasant heel as well.

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Blogger Elizabeth said...

My needles arrived! The Chinese writing is fascinating, especially the provisional cast-on instructions.


15/5/07 7:55 PM  

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