Tuesday, May 01, 2007

May Day in Holland

I had been looking forward to celebrating May Day locally, but with the trip I would have to miss out on the local celebration. So I tried to think of what I would like to be doing instead. After a little bit of research, we decided on visiting the Keukenhof in Holland.Look at these great Project Spectrum colors! Some of the season was well past, but there was still plenty blooming. Salvbard has an incredible number of photos, and last I heard he was culling through them.
Hehe, the irony of photographing this Twisted Flower WIP in a giant flower garden was not lost on me. For those interested, we have a closeup on the sock. The second sock is going much faster now that I have memorized most of the charts.

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Blogger Heide said...

That is one of the most intricate and beautiful socks I've seen in a really long time!

12/5/07 10:12 AM  
Blogger Mrs. Chapman said...

This photo is very "Stephanie Pearl-McPhee-esque"... LOVE IT!

13/5/07 10:23 AM  

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