Monday, April 23, 2007

Cheung Chau

Today we moved from Hong Kong Island to the small fishing village of Cheung Chau. This has been a great island for creative inspiration. Salvbard has been taking lots of pictures so look for them soon. I have been doing some stuff of my own too.
My sock is coming along well. I kept finding myself wishing over and over again that I had brought my favorite size 1 40"Addis. Then when we were emptying out our bags completely to do laundry, I found I had packed a set in my checked luggage. Score! In my sleep-deprived pre-trip state, I don't even remember doing that.
Cheung Chau boasts a beautiful beach, well protected by a shark net. While Salvbard was enjoying the water, I took a moment to paint one of the local views. I am totally starting to understand why there are people who only use watercolor moleskines for everything. I have to say that it is really enjoyable to work in.
Also on the beach we spotted a mystery crocheter. This was sort of interesting, because I had been stopping traffic by knitting (well foot traffic as there is no vehicular traffic on the island) on the Twisted Flower sock. Little old chinese woman in particular seemed fascinated by the white girl with the needles. What is so interesting? I have no idea. Perhaps it is the idea of making socks in a place where you often do not even wear them. Maybe it is the idea of knitting, as my chinese co-workers are equally fascinated and mostly only learned to crochet in school rather than knit. Who knows, in any case it has been amusing to watch.

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