Monday, April 16, 2007

L&V Swap Package

Yay! I am leaving the country tomorrow evening directly from work, so I was super excited to receive my L&V Swap package in today's mail. Given that it was Patriot's Day I figured there was no way I would get it before I left, but I was proven wrong!This package was so thoughtful, and there are so many things in it I wish I could use right away. Well I admit the chocolate covered almonds really were broken into right away. I am really intrigued by a bunch of things in this package though.

I have never used the "soft grip" crochet hooks before, so I look forward to reporting back what I think of it. Unfortunately I am not packing any crochet on this trip though. The stitch markers are so cute, but I am terrified of losing them so they too will stay at home. My toiletries are already packed, but I am really looking forward to the lemongrass soap when I get back. And how cute is that notebook, set of cards and letter sticky notes? The ArtYarns Supermerino is completely luscious, but will stay home since I wanted to pack something with more spi to last me to long flight times.

(I am a bit puzzled by the Liquid Gloves though. What do you use this for?)

Some of these just have to come with me though. I unpacked my planned knitting project to pack some solid CTH sock yarn to work in the Twisted Flower Sock Pattern. I don't even know how to express my squeeing over seeing this. I loved this pattern so much, but I just had not yet gotten around to purchasing it. And on my long 16 hour flight this will be a great project to keep me busy. And due to the airline security restrictions, I am bringing short wooden double points, which means that I totally have need of the coil needle holders for when I put the socks in progress back in my bag.

BUT there was no note or anything inside. Oh Swap Pal, who are you?

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Blogger Emma said...

Very mysterious. Great package though!

17/4/07 5:38 PM  

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