Friday, April 13, 2007

Spinning Corner

Do you remember months ago when the brake knob on my wheel broke? Remember that my partner was going to drill out the old splintered knob and replace it with a new break system? Well he managed to get the old piece out after about about a month, but only recently did he machine the new break system.

The wooden dowel was replaced with a piece of aluminum rod. That sucker won't splinter! Then the knob itself has been redesigned with to allow the wrapped brake band to sit in the trough of an adjustable tension bit (highly technical term). You can both adjust the tension of the break band by turning it like the old know, and you can adjust the tension of the turning mechanism itself to prevent slipping but allow for easy turning. Perhaps it isn't classically beautiful, but I love that he engineered and machined it. Plus it works really well!While that wheel was out of commission I was lucky enough to be offered a loaner from a friend. She had just moved into a smaller space and said that it just wasn't getting any love these days. Would I mind keeping it at my house for a while? Of course that was alright! It is the same make and design as my wheel (and Ashford Traditional), but about 30 years younger.
In addition to all the spinning wheel love in the house, apparently spring fever has hit the house as well. If you were to visit my house, you might notice that I have rearranged my spinning stuff into a neat little spinning corner. Adjacent to there are my bookcases, where all my craft books and the supplies on the shelves have all been rearranged. Fiber is nearby and ready for instant access. All and all this is starting to feel like a really comfortable little nook.



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