Thursday, April 05, 2007

WIP: Shapely Tank

Yesterday afternoon I was a little bit surprised when it started to snow a little bit. The weatherman has predicted rain turning to sleet overnight. The snow kept getting heavier and heavier until huge globs of snow were falling down and starting to accumulate. I guess winter was not quite through yet!
I caught a few early bulbs and annuals were out in the snow this morning when I was running errands. Fortunately it looks like most of the snow will melt today, since it is above freezing.
We have a few bulbs up in our yard too, but they are not in a particularly sheltered place and are not yet ready to bloom. Maybe next week.

In knitting news it seems like I will have to rip back. I started White Lies Designs' Shapely Tank in some Classic Silk I had in my stash. I was thinking that it would be the perfect top for some travel I will be doing soon, casual and cool enough to wear hiking but nice enough to wear out to dinner.

The worst part about this is that I really did swatch. I made 4 different swatches in the round before getting gauge. I even washed the gauge squares (resulting in no change in gauge but the yarn bloomed to a nicer fabric).
Yet after getting to a couple of increases above the waist, and it was looking big to me so I pulled out the tape measure. The waist is 34" which is over 6" of ease. Darn it! I don't think that is fudgable. I don't even know that ripping out to the beginning of the decreases will help since in measuring the bottom I am getting 37" rather than 36", meaning I would need to decrease about 7" in circumference over 3-4" of length. That seems awfully fast to me. Upset, I have set it aside to contemplate what I want to do about this.

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