Saturday, March 24, 2007

WIP: Mad-tini Socks

The round two pattern arrived Thursday just before it was time to make dinner. Despite that though I made some decent progress. Here are my socks Friday morning when I was getting ready to start working on them again. I can't say that I am a huge fan of the oblique rib. It is both really hard on your hands and not what I would consider terribly attractive. I would consider ripping out the rib and replacing it if it wasn't for the echoing detail on the heel.
The above photo is the last I was able to take last night before my partner left town with the camera for a couple days. (My camera is MIA but I am hoping it is just under something in the house.) So I am afraid you can't have a current progress shot.

I was going to take a picture with my camera phone if it became necessary, but it isn't any more. Sheepspyjamas (my opponent for this round) finished her pair of mad-tini socks early this morning. Congratulations Sheepspyjamas! It was a great round.

I am about halfway down the foot, but I don't think I will hurry through the last bit since I won't be able to take high quality images until tomorrow anyways. In DK weigh the stockinette foot goes really fast.

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