Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Knitting Collage Box

Recently I was doing a little extra work for our department office, and we ended up with a pile of small empty boxes left over from the envelopes for the Alumni Dinner. These seemed perfect for decorating, so I squirreled away several that were otherwise going to be thrown away/recycled.

I knew I wanted to make a box to put my Lime and Violet Swap gifts in, but I was sort of surprised to find myself drawn to collage. Collage isn't something that I can say that I have really done since elementary school, but all of a sudden it seemed obvious that that was what I had to do. So I took out the Mod Podge and got cutting.

I am actually really pleased with how this this turned out.

I am not sure if it will have a purpose beyond shipping my gift, but I suppose you could use it to hold notions or something. It was really great to rediscover that childhood glee of glue and scissors though.

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