Thursday, March 01, 2007

WIP: Coral Snake Socks

Have I mentioned recently how much I love the merino/tencel sock yarn by Mind's Eye Yarn? Not only is Lucy awesome, but I absolutely love this sock yarn. (You may remember that I made a scarf for my mom's Christmas gift this year with some.)

Well the rest of this wonderful yarn was making sad puppy eyes (in a metaphoric way anyways) since it has been under-loved in terms of actual sock making, so I cast on a skein in the coral snake colorway. These are so very me. The color repeats are very, very short to give a mottled red and black variegation that appeals to me a great deal.

The tencel/merino has this wonderful shine and wonderful silky hand. I keep stroking the socks in progress and stopping for completely unnecessary breaks to try them on. Since I have such relatively tiny feet, I am trying to decide if these should be knee socks (which is totally possible with the generous yardage).

Even if these colors don't appeal to you, Lucy offers both in her shop and Etsy store a range of other great colorways both in the merino/tencel blend and a superwash merino. I know that in particular I have been eyeing the Spring Green Sock Yarn and Indigo Sock Yarn.

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Blogger pigbook1 said...

Thanks for the comment, my tofutsies socks are summery so I used a size 2.

5/3/07 7:37 AM  

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