Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Sock Madness

Am I crazy? Just maybe... well definately, but specifically I might be crazy for signing up for Sock Madness

Although I am not a huge basketball fan (or any sport really), I do love sock knitting. Plus working exclusively on that crochet baby blanket means that I haven't gotten much knitting time, and I am raring to go.

I am worried about the colorwork that I know is coming, though. It is something I really haven't worked with before, and I don't have a ton of time left to train. Do any of you have suggestions for some small simple colorwork projects that I can work on in the next few days before March 10th?

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Blogger SheepsPyjamas said...

Can't help you with training projects, but I'm glad to see someone I know has joined the Madness... I'm in the throes of my own rush, mine to finish a small boy sweater before the 10th, else it'll be too warm to wear it before the socking stops. Callie says "Hi", btw...

28/2/07 12:20 PM  

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