Sunday, March 18, 2007

SPS: Looking Out on the Snow

If you are anything like me, you will find you have tons (tonnes even) of pictures of your kids and family, but very few of yourself. So when I found out about Rosemary's idea for Self-portrait Sundays (here after abbreviated as SPS) I thought, aha! The perfect way to ensure that I will have a record of myself as well.

So I talked to Salvbard about helping me out a bit. He kindly agreed, and immediately after that we kept forgetting for several weeks. Well no more! I emailed Rosemary to get added to the list, and I was going to do it. So here is my first SPS contribution.
It is funny that I almost feel my profile doesn't look a ton like me. I guess that is because I never get to see myself from such an angle. That little "elf ear" is all me though. It is a favorite story in my family that when I was born it was the very first thing that my dad noticed.

When I went to go upload this image I realized that we had once again had hit upon Project Spectrum colors. Outside has once again been reduced to grey and white with the snow we got Friday, and I am wearing blue as I often do.

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Blogger Rosemary said...

Is it odd that I'm jealous of your elf ears? lol Lovely pic!

19/3/07 1:06 AM  
Blogger omly said...

Sadly I only have the one elf ear which is a bit odd. Perhaps I will try to get a photo at some point with the "regular" one for comparison.

19/3/07 8:39 AM  

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