Friday, March 23, 2007

FO: Felt Children's Clogs

Yarn: Lamb's Pride Bulky in Bight Red and Black Cherry
Needles: US Size 13
Pattern: Fiber Trends Felt Children's Clogs

When my daughter saw the my felted clogs, she immediately let me know that she would like a pair as well. After digging around in my stash, she chose red and black. Her feet are just under 8.5" (21 cm), so I was somewhat torn between making the 8" or 9" size. Since it should be getting warmer soon though, I opted for the larger size, figuring that she would grow into them over the year.
I had a suspicion that these would bleed really badly so I soaked them in hot water a few times until . Sadly the colors in this image are not really skewed because of lighting. Our sink is just that incredibly ugly yellowy avocado color that was popular for bathrooms in the 70s. This was the second hot water bath to remove dye. It took 4 before I was willing to put it in the laundry with a couple pairs of jeans.
For items that you don't think are completely color-fast (either your own creations or commercially made) I can't emphasize buying some Borax enough. We use it for a couple different things, but as an emulsifier it makes sure that loose dye particles do not redeposit on the other items in your wash. (The most common brand in the US is "20 Mule Team".)
These haven't come off much since the dried. I keep being told "they are so comfortable I don't know that they are on." Ok so that is a bit much, but I am glad that she likes them.

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