Thursday, March 22, 2007

A Place of My Own

This month's prompt for the CMP ATC Swap was "A Place of My Own". At first I thought I would do something along the lines of what Autumn Mommy ended up doing, my imagination. I just couldn't figure out the perfect way to do it though.

So I though, and I thought. Where was my place that was all mine? Then it hit me. Most of my crafting is done in stolen moments. I knit on the bus. I sketch in my moleskine in between other things. Painting is usually a shared activity, with my daughter painting her own work next to me. The one exception is spinning.

When I spin, I take a little quiet time to myself. Usually it is after the little one is asleep. I might listen to a podcast while I work or I might just enjoy the quiet zen of the sound of the wheel turning and the treadle moving. This is a time when I let the stress of the day slip away, and for a few minutes I just am. My hands just work. My mind is still.

Inspired, I grabbed some watercolor, my favorite pen, and a pencil. I sat in my spinning chair (not even replacing the flyer which I had removed to re-align the wheel) and set to work. After a quick sketch, I broke out my brushes. Usually I have to struggle to get the looseness I want when I use watercolor. For some reason this ATC was a lot easier though. I put my spinning wheel down on the cardstock and added the basket of roving I keep in the same corner. Bright puffs of soft fiber added some color where there hadn't been much before. Sometimes I guess you just have to let inspiration strike.

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Blogger Mrs. Chapman said...

I LOVE the story behind the card! It's awesome how you came to the conclusion of your "own" time... because as a mom it's hard to carve out that time and even remember it! :) haha! Great work... :)

23/3/07 10:45 PM  
Blogger Mrs. Chapman said...

This card arrived yesterday. It is even more lovely in person. THANK YOU!

3/4/07 9:45 AM  

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