Tuesday, March 27, 2007

FO: Mad-tini Socks

Yarn: Cherry Tree Hill Super Glitz in Sugar Maple (discontinued)
Pattern: Mad-tini (Sock Madness Round 2) by Karin Bole
Yardage: 286 yards (3.43 g)
Marathon Mileage: 1.48 miles

I had a really hard time photographing these socks to get the stitch detail because the color was so incredibly saturated. I am not sure that my photography skills are enough to compensate*.

I absolutely love the colorway, Sugar Maple. Unfortunately the yarn itself has been discontinued and replaced with Cherry Tree Hill's Supersock DK line, but the colorway still exists, at least without the glitter strand. I am somewhat sad that there isn't a lot more of this yarn, because I love how the glitter just makes this already super bright colorway even more over the top.

As to the pattern itself, I was a bit torn about it, although my overall response was positive. I really liked being challenged with a different construction, since usually I like toe-up socks with afterthought heels at the moment. I discovered I wasn't overly found of the oblique rib, which both made my hands really tired and I didn't care fore the look of too much. The spiral stitch (which I am having a hard time getting on photo) is really cool though and I could see using it again.

I would have liked the socks a little longer, but was worried about having enough yarn. My yarn had about 5 yards less in yardage than the suggested yarn, but I ended up having tons left over. Look for projects with the leftovers in the next few days.

*I will ask Salvbard to take some photos and then add them later.

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Blogger pigbook1 said...

An invitation because I love your blog and I would love to learn more about you:

Write yourself a manifesto. Make it specific (knitting or parenting or music) or general (like mine) So that I can read it.

28/3/07 1:45 PM  
Anonymous tiennie said...

Love the socks! Pretty, pretty colors right now for Spring.

28/3/07 8:14 PM  
Anonymous Dipsy said...

These socks are absolutely beautiful - I so love the colourway, it's so happy and cheerful, just perfect for spring! Great work!

29/3/07 5:00 AM  

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