Saturday, March 31, 2007

Mmmm merino/silk

I haven' t had a lot of time to spin recently, but in odd moments I have been working on some incredibly wonderful fiber recently. It is a merino/tussah silk blend that I bought at Mind's Eye yarns, and let me tell you it spins "like buttah". This stuff is so addictive. I have no idea what it will become. I am not even aiming for a particular weight. It just flows onto the bobbin without any problem in a fairly even single.

You see the wonderful shine this stuff has in the flash photo. If only there was squish-o-vision so that you could see how soft and... well silken it is.
This photo is with no flash, just natural light, but it seems brighter here than it does in real life. The actual color is somewhere between the two. I could write more about it (and maybe will later), but I think I should go take advantage of how quiet the house is right now to go spin some more up.

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